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Dear Friends,
  • Do you struggle with a lack of motivation?

  • Are you constantly second guessing, questioning, and negating yourself so much that you give up on your goals?

  • Do you want to be successful, but just don’t have the mindset to triumph in your accomplishments?

  • Do you aspire to be outstanding, strong, and prosperous?

How would you feel if you had access to profound mind changing possibilities?

If you were able effortlessly achieve your ambitions and objectives, just imagine how advantageous and rewarding your life might be.

If you could target positivity, how much more consistent would your results be? We are here to tell you that you no longer have to struggle with doubt, negativity, confusion and apprehension.

By  properly training your subconscious mind you will learn to think positively , attract success and build self confidence. You will be fearless, motivated, and powerful. You will no longer dislike the person you see in the mirror, but you will bask in the happiness and profits of your new found success.

In all honesty, we all struggle with imperfections and hesitation. Many wrestle constantly with so much negativity and doubt that it interferes on their interpersonal relationships. People don’t want to spend time with someone who is pathetic and deplorable that they make everyone around them feel miserable. After many years of experience,  we have uncovered the techniques that will allow you to gain mental strength and consistency.

Are you exhausted from constant failure?

Are you apprehensive about being successful because your mind is constantly reminding you of all the ways in which you are failing? Are you continually faced with overwhelming obstacles that are trapping you in an endless cycle of misery and decline?

What would your life look like if you could:

  • Effortlessly achieve your goals?
  • Improve your mental strength?
  • Have unrestricted confidence in all the areas of your life?

How much more money would you be able to earn? With financial stability, what else could you enjoy with your free time?

Would you like to have all mental and physical power to improve your reputation, notoriety, and fame? Imagine the level of mental peace that you could achieve if you were able to discover and implement an entirely revitalized mentality.

The more time you take contemplating how to approach and improve your life, the more time you are allowing to pass by without taking advantage of the opportunity that is sitting in front of you.

Don’t spend years struggling alone in misery when we can share with you the techniques you need to bring success into your life. Let us teach you how to unlock the doors to wealth, happiness, success, love, and money.

Our services and programs focus on:


Immense Self- Confidence

Indefinite Braveness

Absolute Courage

Limitless Power

Our strategies can teach you how to believe in yourself so you can take on any challenge and effortlessly achieve your goals. Our philosophies will show you how to tap into the vast power of your subconscious mind so that you can excel in any task, any project, anytime.

In order to truly maximize your life changing potential, you must be devoted and dedicated to taking action. If you truly want to experience all the benefits of life change, you must invest in the most efficient tools and strategies.

Even the most elite clients have raved about their unstoppable success and incredible motivation that they have received from these methods of mental change. CEO’s, spiritual leaders, athletes, law enforcement officers, and even millionaires have used these techniques to further their success.

Are you are ready to join the thousands of successful individuals who have discovered the keys to personal success? Are you tired of wasting time and money on gimmicks and methods that don’t work? Don’t waste any more time with failing strategies.

You deserve to live the life that you desire. You deserve to accomplish your goals and be successful. You deserve the utmost amount of happiness.

When you take action to change your life, these methods and techniques will bring results.

We are all wired for personal success. In other words, you already have the ability and potential to become successful in every area of your life, but how do you optimize that potential? How do you find the key to empowering yourself and exceeding your expectations for achievement?

You can make a difference in the lives of others. You have the ability to change the world. You have the tools to make significant contributions to society.

What if you could start changing your mindset today? What would you do if you had the ability to immediately transform the way you think about approaching your future? How would things be different if you were able to see results almost instantly?

It doesn’t matter if you have a busy schedule or a full plate. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a certain method of learning. These techniques work for everyone.

Just stop for a second and think about the ways in which you define success. What kind of success would you like to achieve? More money? More friends? More notoriety? More fame? More confidence?

Regardless of how you perceive personal success, this method of thinking can help you achieve your goals and obtain wealth and happiness. Perhaps it would help if you took a minute to visualize what your life might look like if you were truly successful.

Would you be driving a nice car? Going on expensive vacations? Spending time with a plethora of friends and family who love to be in your company? Living peacefully without financial stress? Using the power of your subconscious mind, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. If you implement the power of positive thinking and confidence, you can create any level of success that you desire.

Make today the first day of your new mentality. Start now in order to set yourself up for abundance, prosperity, riches, and fortune.

Curious about what you might learn from these life changing strategies?

-          Learn how to develop the mental strength to harbor an unstoppable level of self-confidence

-          Bring wealth and success to you with ease

-          Learn how visualization can bring flawless results

-          Practice affirmative speaking so you maximize the ability to assert yourself

-          Recognize and acknowledge the power of gratitude

-          Eliminate negativity from all areas of your life

If you can start now by taking control of your life, why wouldn’t you? When you are ready to fully experience the unfathomable amount of prosperity that awaits you, we’re ready to show you how to get it.

There are a myriad of satisfied clients who have acquired amazing levels of success by implementing these mind power techniques. Thankfully, this system is proven to work, so anyone who truly wants to experience the life changing benefits of their powerful mindset will certainly see results quickly.

Contact us today for FREE phone consultation today at 212-851-6851 or book your appointment directly online. The journey to your new life begins now!








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Empowered Hypnosis Centers

"Empowered Hypnosis Centers has been such a blessing in my life. They create a comfortable, relaxing space that encourages honest communication, and it's obvious they genuinely care about their clients' success."

-Jordy I.


"I went to Selena's Weight Loss Meditation with a girlfriend and I was pleasantly surprised. She was very professional, it was extremely relaxing and the background music was very soothing. Highly Recommended."

-Susan G.


"Selena is just a joy to be around! Being in her presence will leave you happy, smiling and feeling great!  Her positive outlook and abundant energy is really inspiring."

-Angela W.


"I was in search of change in my life when I reached out to Empowered Hypnosis Centers. Soon after our session I remember the next day feeling energized and motivated.  I made a list of things I needed to do to achieve my goals and started tackling them."

-Marijo M


"I came in to Empowered Hypnosis Centers for the Gastric Band Hypnosis Program and I have already lost 5 lbs. and it's only been a week! Even my husband has commented on how flat my stomach is now."

-Shellyann B.


"I went to Empowered Hypnosis Centers to help me sleep better. An added bonus was that I could download helpful audio sessions to do in my spare time, some for free and some for a reasonable price.  If you are open to hypnosis, definitely go with Empowered Hypnosis."

-Leslie S. 


 "They have truly convinced my mind into believing I actually had Gastric Bypass Surgery. My stomach is very tight now and it feels tiny. I eat a fraction of the food I used to eat. I was able to cut way down on my sugar intake, and I have lost 10lb in the first month."


-Alexandria L.



"I've been here twice in the past and each time I found it was very helpful. Once you get in the chair and get in the zone your mind is in a completely different place. I would definitely recommend anyone to go visit Selena especially if you need to work on your positivity outlook."

-Maria P.


"Caterina helped get me over the hump to make some positive changes in my life.  The hypnosis helped me get the extra reinforcement to make it happen."

-Desiree O.


"Selena is really wonderful.  She greeted me right at my scheduled appointment time and discussed what I felt I needed help with. It's an hour in a quiet room, comfortable and hearing about how great you are/can be.  Win/win."

-Lindsey T.


"I love Selena! Always a wonderful experience and very helpful. Can't wait to go again!"

-Kirk F.


"I had great experience. And I enjoyed so much of her calm voice and the speaking speed as part of her excellent skills. After I came out from the session, I literally felt more energetic and happier. I am a social worker so I came back to office and shared it with my coworkers. It was my first life experience of hypnosis and it was great!"

-Jackie Y.


Sally Bunnel

"I started at the Empowered Hypnosis Center about 6 months ago and I have felt more focus, ambitious, and positive every time I walk out of the sessions. I travel non-stop and find the phone sessions work just as effectively. I quit using a therapist as I felt hypnosis helped guide me better through my problems each week.  In a place like NYC when you need  "time to reflect and meditate" the guidance Empowered Hypnosis provides is astounding."

-Sally B.



"I finally tried hypnosis a couple months back and I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and like I can go out and make all of my goals come to life. I'm so grateful of finding this center and these wonderful women."

-Kyia M.



"Selena is a calm, positive, and motivational person.  She can help you through anything!  I definitely recommend her!"

-Courtney G.


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